Grand Finals Topic Areas

Topic areas for Student Congress legislation at the 2019 FGCCFL Grand Finals have been announced. These topic areas are intended to focus your attention on particular issues and to allow you to do some background research before the docket is released in February.

Please DOWNLOAD AND READ this document BEFORE you start drafting. Topic areas are generally broad in scope, but your legislation must address the topic objectives directly; furthermore, some topic areas have exclusions intended to keep debate focused.

These are the broad topic areas for Grand Finals (read the descriptions in the PDF for details):

  1. Housing (Domestic Affairs)
  2. Labor and the Workforce (Domestic or Economic Affairs)
  3. India and China (Foreign Affairs)
  4. U.S. Public Debt (Economic Affairs)
  5. Defending Democracy (Domestic or Foreign Affairs)

November Legislation

Legislation for the November 17 FGCCFL All Events at Riverview has been posted to Tabroom and is also available here.

NOTE: I approved eight items for this tournament—and rejected six. Four of those six items were rejected because of serious drafting problems that would have required a total rewrite but also would have been correctable had they been submitted for review.