Legislation Templates

FGCCFL has developed legislation templates to simplify drafting of bills, resolutions, and amendments. Legislation must be written using the approved templates; items in any other format will not be accepted.

The legislation templates are not “examples” to be replicated in a blank document. They are shells into which the text of the legislation is to be typed, following the highlighted guide text. The formatting built into the templates should not be altered. For that reason, and the legislation text should be typed into the template rather than cut and pasted.

NEW FOR 2018: Legislation templates are now compatible with Word, Pages, and Google Docs on every platform: Windows, macOS, Chromebook, tablets, etc. Just be sure to save/export your finished product as a Word document. (Don’t worry if line numbers aren’t visible on your platform; they will appear when the legislation is published.)

If you need templates with visible line numbering (e.g., for classroom use), those are also available and equally acceptable for your submissions. However, these templates are only known to be compatible with Microsoft Word (including the Office Online version).