October Extemp Topic Areas

The October Extemp topic areas (for the tournament at Dixie Hollins) have been published on Tabroom and are now available here:

  • US Trade Policy and the Global Economy
  • US Health Care and Public Health
  • North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia
  • The President and His Staff, in Their Own Words

There are three things to keep in mind. First, while one topic area will be used for the questions in each round, this is not necessarily the order in which these topics will be presented. Second, these topic areas are intentionally broad, so don’t neglect the rest of your file.

Third, the “in their own words” in the final topic area signifies a tweet round. If you’ve never seen one of these or need a refresher, continue reading.

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September Results

Results from the September 22 FGCCFL All Events tournament at Dixie Hollins have been posted to Tabroom (navigate using the dropdown on the right side of the page). You can also download a complete tournament packet, including Congress points for both sessions, below:

If your school’s Tabroom account is linked to your NSDA roster, we anticipate that points for Debate and IE will be auto-posted on Wednesday. You will still need to record Congress points.

September Extemp Topic Areas

The topic areas for Extemporaneous Speaking at the September 22 tournament at Dixie Hollins have been  posted to Tabroom.

September Topic Areas

  • Business and Economic Policy
  • International Affairs and US Foreign Policy
  • Science, Technology, Culture, and Media
  • US Politics/2018 Election

(NOTE: Although one topic area will be used in each round, the topic areas are not necessarily posted in the order in which they will appear.)

Wharton Congress Results

Wharton Congress results have been posted on Tabroom (the download link is on the right side of the page).

Note that these are only the judges’ rankings. To compute and record your students’ NSDA points, you will need to average the scores on their ballots, rounding up if necessary. The maximum PO score for this tournament is 6 (for one full hour of presiding; NSDA disregards fractions of an hour).