NSDA District Congress Materials

Legislation, seating charts, and legislative calendars are now available for the Florida Sunshine District Tournament, to be held at Wharton High School on February 11. All materials are available on Tabroom and below.


  1. All legislation is combined into a single document. The B/R numbers indicate whether an item of legislation is initially intended for the House (H.R.) or Senate (S. or S. Res.).
  2. Legislative calendars are preset, with guidance in the event that a chamber exhausts any portion of its calendar. Items scheduled for OR taken up during Session 1 may not be debated in Session 2.
  3. The debate time limit is 60 minutes per B/R. This is a maximum only.
  4. Seating charts are different for Session 1 and Session 2 (NSDA rule).
  5. Recency resets between sessions. Initial recency is generated by Tabroom and will be printed on the Parliamentarian’s and PO’s seating charts.
  6. NSDA now requires direct questioning at Districts. See the “Nutshell” handout above for particulars.