Tabroom Registration Updates

Tabroom has updated some features and provided additional guidance enabling us to make some improvements to our registration process. When registering for the November tournament, please keep in mind the following:

  1. You no longer need to count the “number of individuals attending”; Tabroom will now assess host/lunch fees as part of registration without having to recalculate. If you need additional lunches for chaperones/drivers or others who aren’t judging, add them to the judge pool under “{Other Adults}.”
  2. You will be asked to rate your judges as “highly qualified,” “experienced,” or “trained” in (depending on the judge category) IE, Congress, PFD, LD, and/or TD. Providing this information lets us make more effective judge assignments.
  3. The Congress legislation upload process has changed slightly. Your legislation authors MUST BE REGISTERED for the tournament before you can upload their legislation. Please follow the directions on the Legislation tab carefully.

October Results

Results from the October 13 tournament at Dixie Hollins are available on Tabroom; click on the “Results” tab and use the dropdown and links on the right to find what you need. You will be able to access results by event, by round, or by student. The principal PDF reports from the October results are also available on this site.

All events except Congress will auto-post by October 24 for schools whose Tabroom accounts are linked to NSDA. Coaches must record Congress merit points themselves using the speaker/PO ballots or the report below.

NOTE: This is a corrected version of the report that addresses a rankings transcription error. The error in question was made after the tournament and does not affect the results announced at awards. The merit points in the original report are unaffected.