Gulf Coast Novice Championship

The invitation for the 2021 Gulf Coast Novice Championship, to be held online on April 17, has been posted on Tabroom and below. Registration will open on March 9 and close on April 12.

All contestants must be in their first year of high school forensic competition. Seniors with 150 NSDA merit points on record may judge (and receive 5 points per round for doing so).

NSDA Tournaments

NSDA District Tournament Ballots

Results for the Florida Sunshine NSDA District Debate/IE tournament, held online March 6, are available on Tabroom. Judges’ comments for IE may be downloaded below.

Congratulations to all our qualifiers and alternates!


Judge “Cheat Sheet” Updated

The FGCCFL Judge “Cheat Sheet” has been updated with the March/April 2021 LD resolution and March 2021 PFD topic. These are the topics that will be used at the NSDA District Tournament on March 5-6.

NSDA Online Tournaments

NSDA Districts Invitation

The invitation for the 2021 Florida Sunshine NSDA District Tournament, to be held online on March 5-6, has been posted. Registration is on Tabroom; the deadline is 8:00 p.m. on Friday, February 26.

Congress Grand Finals


The Grand Finals docket has been updated to clarify that items 1-9 are preliminary session items and 10-15 are Super Congress items. No changes have been made to legislation.

Congress Grand Finals

Docket for Grand Finals

The Student Congress docket for FGCCFL Grand Finals has been posted to Tabroom and is available here.

The docket consists of nine preliminary session items and six Super Congress items. All legislation appears in calendar order, and debate time limits are listed.

Contestants should be ready to debate EVERY ITEM on the docket but should keep in mind that the last items may not be reached without effective use of procedure.

Congress Online Tournaments

February Congress Docket

The Student Congress docket for the FGCCFL online tournament to be held February 6 is now available on Tabroom and below.

Grand Finals

Grand Finals Invitation

The invitation and other materials for the 2021 FGCCFL Grand Finals, to be held online February 19-20, have been posted to Tabroom and are also available below.


Judges Online Tournaments

Judge Instructions

Updated instructions for judges at FGCCFL Online Tournaments are now available for download. These instructions pertain to both NSDA Campus and Tabroom electronic ballots.

REMINDER: Judges must ensure that they have the necessary equipment, including camera, Chrome browser (Microsoft Edge is currently 100% compatible), and reliable internet connection.


Congress Manual Updated

The FGCCFL Student Congress Manual has been updated to Revision 21.01/Online. This revision includes session and tabulation procedures for Grand Finals.

A significant change from Revision 20.12 is that priority will accrue over all four sessions. The League will provide an online tool (see demo) for Parliamentarians and Presiding Officers to facilitate tracking speaker priority over all four sessions.