Novice Champs Invitation

The invitation for the 2022 FGCCFL Novice Championship, to be held April 2 at Northeast High School in St. Petersburg, has been posted below and on Tabroom. Registration is open until March 28.

Key items:

  1. A novice is a student who began the year with fewer than 25 NSDA merit points earned in high school. Please ensure that your entries are designated as novices on your Tabroom roster.
  2. Experienced seniors may judge the tournament (and receive NSDA service points if they qualify). However, every school must still provide at least one adult judge.
  3. PFD will use the March topic (this is the same topic that will be used at NSDA Districts a week earlier).
  4. All events, including Congress, will use electronic ballots.

We hope to see you there!

Congress Agenda for Grand Finals

The Congress agenda worksheet and seating chart for the 2022 FGCCFL Grand Finals have been posted on Tabroom and below.

There is one chamber of Congress, and the qualifiers and alternates will be selected based on performance over two full-length sessions. The Super Congress B/R are eligible for consideration during these sessions. Please prepare accordingly!

Extemp Topic Areas for Grand Finals

All Extemporaneous Speaking preliminary rounds at Grand Finals will feature questions in one of the following topic areas (not necessarily in this order):

  • US policy (domestic and foreign), politics, and elections
  • Domestic affairs of countries other than the US and foreign policy of all countries (including the US)
  • US and/or global economic policy, business, and trade
  • Social issues, culture, science and technology

Finals (if required) will include topics from ALL topic areas above.