Congress Materials for Grand Finals

Congress materials for the 2020 FGCCFL Grand Finals are now available on Tabroom and below:

This 30-page packet contains chamber assignments, eligible POs (only these students may preside in the preliminary sessions), seating charts, and preliminary and Super Congress legislation. The legislation is numbered and published in agenda order; this order is preset and may not be changed. Debate time limits are listed for each chamber.

Good luck and happy researching!

Dixie Hollins Congress Materials

The legislative calendar and seating chart for Student Congress at the Dixie Hollins tournament on September 28 are now available on Tabroom (Pairings tab) and below. There will only be one chamber of Congress at this tournament.

REMINDER: Schools with Congress entries but no legislation of their own are assigned an item of legislation from the Supplemental Docket. All legislation for this tournament, including the supplemental items, was posted on Friday.

Welcome to 2019-2020

As we look forward to the start of a new forensics season, please note the following:

  1. Membership forms and instructions for 2019-2020 are may be found on the Membership page. All forms and fees are due no later than September 28 (the first FGCCFL tournament).
  2. The fall open Congress tournament and FGCCFL coaches’ meeting will be held at Hillsborough High School on September 7; an invitation is forthcoming. Any items for the coaches’ meeting should be emailed to Dr. Terri St. John by August 30.
  3. Coaches and students can find an updated FGCCFL Student Congress Manual, updated legislation templates, and the Fall 2019 supplemental docket on the new Congress page.