November Congress Docket

The Student Congress docket and seating charts for the November tournament have been posted on Tabroom and below.

Preparing for the Tournament

Chamber assignments were made randomly, except to ensure that delegations and authors were divided more or less evenly between the chambers. Seating charts were generated by random draw.

The legislation is sorted by the chamber of its author. Chamber A can expect to debate items 201-207 first; Chamber B, items 208-213. Each chamber will set its own calendar using all 13 items, giving preference to items with an author in the chamber and rotating schools so that all delegations have an opportunity to present one B/R before any presents a second. Calendars must be approved before floor debate begins.

You should prepare to debate all 13 items. There is a high likelihood that each chamber will complete its sponsored items and move on to “the other house’s B/R.” DO NOT be caught unprepared when this happens!

Good luck and happy researching!