Congress Docket for Sickles

The Student Congress docket for the January 18 FGCCFL All Events tournament at Sickles High School has been published on the tournament’s Tabroom site and below.

As always, legislators are advised to begin their research immediately rather than waiting for chamber assignments. Good luck!

Invitations for Sickles & Durant

Tournament invitations for the remaining local tournaments of the FGCCFL seasons have been posted to Tabroom and are available here.

We will offer Program Oral Interpretation and Informative Speaking at these tournaments to help students prepare for the NSDA District Tournament in March. However, competing in POI and INF does not count toward Grand Finals eligibility. (UPDATE: POI and INF will count toward Grand Finals eligibility.)

REMEMBER: To be eligible for Grand Finals, each school must participate in at least TWO FGCCFL tournaments during the season, and each student must compete in all rounds of at least ONE FGCCFL tournament.