Congress Legislation Guidance & Examples

When drafting Student Congress legislation, please refer to the guidance below, from the FGCCFL Student Congress Manual. Examples are also provided for your review.

Legislation Templates

Legislation for FGCCFL tournaments should be written using the FGCCFL legislation templates, which may be downloaded from the Congress page. “Using” a template means downloading it, opening it in a word processor (Microsoft Word, Pages, Google Docs, etc.), and editing the document by typing over the highlighted guide text with your own content. The finished product should then be saved in Microsoft Word format, reviewed for content and style, and uploaded to Tabroom.

Advance Review

Coaches only may have their legislation reviewed by the Congress Coordinator, Josh Schneider, by e-mailing it to him at the address shown in the tournament invitation. (Please be sure that the legislation is attached as a file, not as a Google or OneDrive link.) Please allow 48 hours for a response.