Congress Tournaments

January Congress Docket

The docket for the January 30 FGCCFL Online Tournament is now available on Tabroom and below:


Congress Manual Updated

The FGCCFL Student Congress Manual has been updated to Revision 21.01/Online. This revision includes session and tabulation procedures for Grand Finals.

A significant change from Revision 20.12 is that priority will accrue over all four sessions. The League will provide an online tool (see demo) for Parliamentarians and Presiding Officers to facilitate tracking speaker priority over all four sessions.

Extemp Grand Finals Online Tournaments

Extemp Topic Areas for Spring 2021

The topic areas for Extemporaneous Speaking at FGCCFL tournaments in Spring 2021 have been released. These topic areas will be used, one per round, at the January and February tournaments and at Grand Finals. Topic areas may repeat from one tournament to another.

One notable development is the return of the political cartoon round. For the uninitiated, in such a round, contestants are given three political cartoons. They select one of them and then compose and answer their own question based on the cartoon. Contestants and judges alike find this format both challenging and fun. (The similar format using @realDonaldTrump tweets will not be returning, for obvious reasons.)


Judge “Cheat Sheet” Updated

The FGCCFL Judge “Cheat Sheet” has been updated with the January/February 2021 LD resolution and February 2021 PFD topic. These are the topics that will be used at the tournaments on January 30 and February 6 and at FGCCFL Grand Finals.

Congress NSDA Tournaments

District Congress Assignments

The tournament schedule, chamber assignments, and legislative calendars for the 2020-2021 NSDA Florida Sunshine District Congressional Debate Tournament, to be held online on January 23, has been posted to Tabroom and is available below. This packet includes information for the Senate, House Chambers 1 & 2, House Final & Consolation Chambers, and Non-Qualifying Chambers 1 & 2.

Congress Tournaments

District Congress Docket

Legislation for the 2020-2021 NSDA Florida Sunshine District Congressional Debate Tournament, to be held on NSDA Campus on January 23, has been posted to Tabroom and is available below:

The docket contains separate sections for Senate, House, and Non-Qualifying chambers. Legislative calendars, chamber assignments, and detailed schedule information will be published here and on Tabroom after the close of registration.


It is with great sadness that we share the news that Sister Mary Patricia Plumb, FGCCFL President Emerita, passed away Friday evening, January 8, 2021.


December Congress Docket

The Student Congress docket for the December 12 FGCCFL online tournament has been posted on Tabroom and below.

The docket is published in calendar order, established by random draw. The debate time limit is 40 minutes per B/R. This time limit may not be extended, and unused time may not be transferred to another B/R. Chamber assignments will be released on Tournament Day.

NSDA Tournaments

NSDA Congress Postponed

The Florida Sunshine NSDA District Congress, originally scheduled for December 5, has been postponed to January 23. The updated invitation is available on Tabroom.

Legislation DueWed January 6 9 PM EST
Docket PublishedFri January 8
Registration DeadlineSat January 16 9 PM EST
Tournament DaySat January 23
Congress Online Tournaments

Congress Rules Updated

Beginning with the December 12 tournament, Student Congress will operate under new rules that we believe will result in a better experience for contestants and judges. These are the key changes:

  1. There will be four sessions, 90 minutes each. Shorter sessions will reduce the need for recesses, improve judge comfort, and reduce the influence of an individual Presiding Officer. Recency will still reset with each new session.
  2. The calendar will be preset. When the docket is released, the legislation will be published in calendar order (set by random draw with adjustment for rotation of sponsoring schools). The docket may additionally contain 1-2 supplemental items, which will always be scheduled last and will not be guaranteed debate time.
  3. Debate times are increased to 40 minutes. This will allow for 2-3 additional speeches per item while still accommodating a brief recess in each session and allowing the entire docket to be debated. Debate time is “use it or lose it”; unused time on one B/R may not be applied to another.
  4. Chamber assignments will be announced on Tournament Day. This will allow the tab staff to balance chambers even if there are substantial drops.
  5. There will be one Scorer per session. Each chamber will still have a Parliamentarian for the full day.
  6. There will be a Best Presiding Officer election at the end of the day. Preferential ballots will be made available on Tabroom at the end of Session 4. All POs will receive medals, and the Best PO in each chamber will receive a gavel. Best Legislator awards will still be determined by Scorers’ ranks.

The Congress Manual and tournament schedule have been updated accordingly and may be downloaded here.