Invitation for Sickles

The invitation for the January 18 FGCCFL All Events tournament at Sickles High School is now available on the tournament’s Tabroom site and below.


  • The entry limit is six (6) entries per event in ALL events including Student Congress.
  • Schools MUST supply at least one satisfactory item of legislation before their Congress entries will be admitted to the tournament.

Docket for Newsome

Student Congress legislation for the December 7 FGCCFL All Events tournament at Newsome High School has been posted to the tournament’s Tabroom site. It may also be downloaded here:

Contestants are urged to begin their research NOW rather than waiting for chamber assignments.

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Docket for Strawberry Crest

The Student Congress docket for the November 9 tournament at Strawberry Crest High School has been posted on Tabroom (link on right side) and below. Schools with Congress entries but no approved legislation will be assigned a supplemental item at random.

REMINDER: The deadline to submit legislation is 8:00 p.m. on the Monday before tournament week. After that deadline, only repairs will be accepted.