All Events 1: Tournament Guidance

Coaches, students, and judges should familiarize themselves with the Online Tournament Guidance posted below. This guidance explains how Tabroom and NSDA Campus work at an online tournament and offers specific suggestions for particular events. (Judges may also want to review the Electronic Balloting Guide, also linked below.)

All Events 1: Congress Docket

The Student Congress docket for FGCCFL All Events 1 (2023.09.23 @ NSDA Campus) is now available. Three submissions were excluded from the docket because they were not written using the League’s template.

FGCCFL All Events 2: Invitation

The invitation for FGCCFL All Events 2, to be held October 14 at Hillsborough High School, has been posted to Tabroom ( and below.

The registration deadline for this tournament is 9:00 pm on Thursday, October 5. Congress legislation is also due at this time; early submission is encouraged.

New Judge Training

At this tournament only, FGCCFL will conduct new judge training during the morning rounds. Trainee judges will then shadow other registered judges in the afternoon rounds. Coaches will register their trainees in Tabroom (under “Judges in Training”), and these participants will pay a $10 host/lunch fee.

Novice Observers

At this tournament only, novice students will have the opportunity to observe rounds to learn about different events and to see what happens at a forensics tournament. Observers will pay a $10 host/lunch fee. They will be assigned to watch four rounds in different events on a space-available basis; they are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct and may not flow or take notes during rounds.

Judge “Cheat Sheet” Updated

The FGCCFL Judge “Cheat Sheet” has been updated with the 2023 September/October resolutions for PFD and LD and the 2023-2024 Policy Debate topic.

FGCCFL 1 Online: Invitation

The tournament invitation for FGCCFL All Events 1, to be held September 23 on NSDA Campus (online platform), has been sent to coaches and posted to Tabroom and now is available below.

Fall Congress: Final Docket & Seating Charts

The final Student Congress docket and seating charts for the Fall Congress (September 9 @ Pine View) have been posted to Tabroom and are available below.

The final docket consists of nine student-drafted items and three supplemental items. All student submissions that complied with the League’s requirements were placed on the docket.

Initial Docket for Fall Congress

The initial docket for the Fall Congress (September 9 @ Pine View) is now available on Tabroom and below.

Due to Hurricane Idalia, the registration deadline for the Fall Congress has been extended to 9:00 pm on Monday, September 4. A final docket will be published the following day with any additional or repaired legislation submitted to the League.

PO Script & Congress Judge Info

To help new Presiding Officers as the first Congress of the year approaches, FGCCFL has produced a PO script for beginners, linked below and on the Congress page. The script should be used alongside the FGCCFL Student Congress Manual.

Additionally, updated instructions for Congress Scorers and Parliamentarians have been posted.

Fall Congress & Coaches’ Meeting

Welcome to the 2023-2024 competitive season!

Please find below the invitation to the Congress (-Only) Tournament & ALL Coaches Fall Meeting to be held at Pine View School on Saturday, September 9, 2023. Registration is now open on Tabroom and closes at 9pm on Thursday, August 31. Legislation templates can be downloaded from the Congress page on this site.

Any Coaches not bringing any Congress entries that day are still expected to be in attendance for the Coaches Meeting. The league will be purchasing coaches’ lunches that day. Read the invitation in its entirety and contact Jym Froelich if you have any questions or issues with the details of the event.

Excited to kick off the new year with you all!

Congress Manual 23.08

The FGCCFL Student Congress Manual has been updated to Revision 23.08.

This revision reflects the four-session, one-Scorer-per-round format to be used at FGCCFL tournaments in 2023-2024. The new manual also includes a form for amendments to legislation; the form may be downloaded separately below.

Tournament Hosts Needed

Here’s an at-a-glance view of this year’s FGCCFL schedule:

You’ll immediately notice one glaring omission: there are no hosts for 8 of the 10 weekends’ dates.

Continue reading “Tournament Hosts Needed”

2023-2024 Membership Now Open

See the Membership link above for more information. The deadline for submission of forms and payment of fees is September 23.