2023 Grand Finals Invitation

The invitation for the 2023 FGCCFL Grand Finals, to be held at St. Petersburg High School on February 25, has been posted on Tabroom and below.

Please read the invitation carefully. This is our League’s qualifying tournament for NCFL Grand Nationals in May. It differs significantly from our regular tournament invitation.

Riverview Congress Materials

The Student Congress docket, chamber assignments, and seating charts for the January 28 tournament at Riverview High School have been posted on Tabroom and below.

Please prepare to debate all eight items on the docket, regardless of your assigned chamber!

Grand Finals Extemp Topic Areas

The following topic areas (in no particular order) will be used in the preliminary rounds of Extemporaneous Speaking at FGCCFL Grand Finals:

  • US Politics, Domestic & Foreign Policy
  • Foreign Affairs (including US Foreign Policy)
  • US and Global Economy
  • Media, Culture, Science & Technology

The final round, if required, will draw from all of the topic areas above.