FGCCFL All Events 2: Invitation

The invitation for FGCCFL All Events 2, to be held October 14 at Hillsborough High School, has been posted to Tabroom (fgccfl2.tabroom.com) and below.

The registration deadline for this tournament is 9:00 pm on Thursday, October 5. Congress legislation is also due at this time; early submission is encouraged.

New Judge Training

At this tournament only, FGCCFL will conduct new judge training during the morning rounds. Trainee judges will then shadow other registered judges in the afternoon rounds. Coaches will register their trainees in Tabroom (under “Judges in Training”), and these participants will pay a $10 host/lunch fee.

Novice Observers

At this tournament only, novice students will have the opportunity to observe rounds to learn about different events and to see what happens at a forensics tournament. Observers will pay a $10 host/lunch fee. They will be assigned to watch four rounds in different events on a space-available basis; they are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct and may not flow or take notes during rounds.