Tournament Hosts Needed

Here’s an at-a-glance view of this year’s FGCCFL schedule:

You’ll immediately notice one glaring omission: there are no hosts for 8 of the 10 weekends’ dates.

Schools that hosted during the 2022-2023 season are not obligated to host. All other schools are obligated to host. Please choose 2 or 3 dates; get on your school calendar with Admin consent; and then email Jym Froelich <> with the date(s) you and your Admin agree to host. We recommend that schools consider multiple dates because another school may be trying to get approval for the same one(s).

The basic requirements for hosting are: securing 35+ classrooms, including larger rooms for Congress and Extemp Prep, a location for a judge lounge, a location for Tab Room—which includes access to electrical outlets and close proximity to the judge lounge—and your cafeteria for opening announcements, lunch, and awards.

The host provides rooms, event room assignments, internet access, lunch—including a vegetarian option—and campus/parking maps. The Executive Board and volunteers prep and run the tournament.

**Hosting a tournament is a great opportunity for a school to raise funds for its team!

NOTE: Grand Finals and our FL Sunshine Districts will be Friday late afternoon + all day Saturday tournaments. We must start Debate early, perhaps even Congress. (Hosting NSDA Congress or NSDA Districts DO count as meeting your hosting obligation.)

If you have questions, feel free to email. Please DO NOT email about tournament dates unless you have school/admin approval. It is not helpful for us to receive emails that say “I might be able to host.” As we all know, the more confirmed tournament dates we have in place before the start of school , the better it is for us all to plan. Thanks in advance for your help in getting the hosting details confirmed ASAP—many schools need a minimum of 4 weeks advanced notice for their field trip forms.