NCFL Fall Meeting Minutes

The official minutes from the NCFL Fall Meeting in Milwaukee have been posted to the NCFL website. The minutes provide further detail to the notes posted here previously.

FGCCFL will incorporate the amendments to the NCFL Bylaws starting with the January tournament. With respect to Internet use, further guidance will be provided. For now, just know that this means NO IN-ROUND INTERNET at Riverview.

Registration Sandbox for Coaches

FGCCFL has created a special tournament site on Tabroom to help coaches practice using the online registration system. You can find this site at Guidance is provided on the front page of the site and a downloadable PDF. The site will be available through September 12 September 15.

Please take the opportunity to create your Tabroom account, add your students and judges, and learn how Tabroom registration works before the first tournament of the season.

Fall Congress & Coaches’ Meeting

The invitation for the fall Congress and coaches’ meeting on September 8 at Wharton High School has now been posted.

REGISTRATION/RSVP: Via e-mail (see invitation)

Tournament Invitation (PDF)
Registration Form (Word)
Legislative Docket (PDF)
Chamber Assignments (PDF, 9/5/2018)
Results (, 9/10/2018)

Please download the tournament invitation and registration form and submit your registration as directed. If you will not be bringing students and just need to RSVP to the Coaches’ Meeting, please send your response to Terri, Jen, and Josh.

Request for Fall Meeting Items

The fall coaches’ meeting will be held on September 8 at Wharton High School (concurrently with the first Congress); an invitation is forthcoming.

Please send meeting agenda items to Dr. Terri St. John no later than August 31. These should be items that need the Executive Committee’s attention and not complaints such as food. Decisions made at the summer meeting (minutes available here) are not up for reconsideration at the fall meeting.