Updated League Documents

The Use of Electronic Devices policy now allows debaters to use their phones for timing, provided they demonstrate to the judge that the phone is silenced and in airplane mode.

The Local Tournament Schedule now starts all rounds of IE (except Extemp) at the same time as corresponding rounds of Debate. A draw time for Round 4 of Extemp has also been specified.

The Student Congress Manual has been updated to Revision 21.11.1.

This update consists principally of technical corrections. The only substantive changes are a leniency in resubmission of legislation and a procedure (ยง 21(d)) by which a rank may be recorded for a PO who is neither ranked by a judge nor specifically excluded from ranking.

Use of Electronic Devices

The FGCCFL rules for electronic devices have been updated for 2021-2022. Key points:

  1. Judges are permitted to use electronic devices for timing and electronic balloting.
  2. Students are no longer required to have their phones off. However, phones MUST be silenced and put away during rounds.
  3. Internet access (via school network or hotspot) is permitted in LD, PFD, TD, Congress, and Extemp Prep. However, communication with persons outside the round is prohibited and will result in disqualification.

2021-2022 Welcome

As we begin the new school year, here’s what you need to know:


Membership Fees for the 2021-2022 FGCCFL/NCFL season are $50.00 per school. The NCFL fees will be paid again this year by the FGCCFL league.

Fees are due no later than September 10, 2021. All checks must be made out to FGCCFL.

Please email both the FGCCFL membership form and the NCFL membership form to Dr. Terri St John at tessspeak@aol.com no later than Friday, 3 September. Checks should be sent to Paul Jannereth at the address on the invoice (below). Online payments may be made at the “Pay Invoice” link above.


The Coaches’ Kick-Off meeting will be held Wednesday, 25 August, 4 PM via Zoom.  Look for an email from Paul Jannereth with the Zoom link and the agenda.  This is an important meeting. If you have agenda items, please email them to Dr. Terri St. John by Friday, August 13.


Please speak with your administration ASAP regarding hosting one of our tournaments. It is currently the opinion of the Board that considering the increase of Covid-19 cases, the first two tournaments (September and October) will be virtual.