Paper Ballots at Grand Finals

The Executive Committee has decided to use paper ballots for all events at FGCCFL Grand Finals. Judges may use electronic devices to time and flow, but all critiques, rankings, and decisions will be submitted in ink on paper. (Coaches and judges: Bring pens!)

An updated invitation has been posted and is also available below, along with other updated documents. Specimen ballots are available below and on the Events, Rules & Ballots page.

Rules for Electronic Devices Updated

The rules governing use of electronic devices at FGCCFL tournaments have been updated.

Phones may no longer be used as timers for students in any events. Students in events allowing laptops/tablets may use a stopwatch or timer app or an actual stopwatch/timer. This includes Presiding Officers in Student Congress.

Tournament Schedule Updated

The 2022-2023 tournament schedule has been updated as follows:

  • The December tournament at Newsome has been rescheduled to 17 December (from 10 December).
  • The League has scheduled an additional all-events tournament on 28 January and is seeking hosts.