January Tournament Invitation

The invitation for FGCCFL All Events 5, to be held 20 January 2024 at Robinson High School in Tampa, has been posted on Tabroom and below.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This tournament will use Tabroom for electronic ballots in all events. Judges must have a linked Tabroom account and provide a suitable connected device (laptop or tablet). Paper ballots will be available in the event of equipment outage or Wi-Fi failure.

  1. Coaches must ensure their trained and experienced judges at this and future tournaments are well-versed in electronic ballots. Coaches and judges can refer to the electronic balloting guide for more information.
  2. Paper ballots often get more elaborate comments from judges to the competitors than electronic ballots. Our students deserve substantial feedback and constructive critiques from their judges.
  3. Remind judges completing electronic ballots that PROMPTLY submitting and confirming electronic ballots is crucial to the flow of the competition. Additional comments may be added after the initial submission. Coaches should discourage their judges from the time-consuming habit of handwriting comments in-round and then transcribing them later into electronic format.