Grand Finals Extemp Topic Areas

The following topic areas (in no particular order) will be used in the preliminary rounds of Extemporaneous Speaking at FGCCFL Grand Finals:

  • US Politics, Domestic & Foreign Policy
  • Foreign Affairs (including US Foreign Policy)
  • US and Global Economy
  • Media, Culture, Science & Technology

The final round, if required, will draw from all of the topic areas above.

Political Cartoons at November Tournament

Round 4 of Extemporaneous Speaking at the November tournament will feature political cartoons instead of ordinary topic tapes. Contestants will draw three cartoons, select one, and then compose and answer their own question based upon the cartoon chosen.

Note that the task is NOT to analyze or react to the cartoon; rather, the cartoon should be used as a springboard for a question that can be answered effectively in seven minutes with 30 minutes of prep.

Good luck!