Congress Materials for Grand Finals

Congress materials for the 2020 FGCCFL Grand Finals are now available on Tabroom and below:

This 30-page packet contains chamber assignments, eligible POs (only these students may preside in the preliminary sessions), seating charts, and preliminary and Super Congress legislation. The legislation is numbered and published in agenda order; this order is preset and may not be changed. Debate time limits are listed for each chamber.

Good luck and happy researching!

Congress Docket for Sickles

The Student Congress docket for the January 18 FGCCFL All Events tournament at Sickles High School has been published on the tournament’s Tabroom site and below.

As always, legislators are advised to begin their research immediately rather than waiting for chamber assignments. Good luck!

NSDA District Congress Legislation

Legislation for the NSDA Florida Sunshine District Congress, to be held December 14 at Pine View School, is now available on Tabroom and below.

NOTE: The Senate docket has been updated to incorporate the Flat Tax bill originally (and still) included on the NQ docket.

Docket for Newsome

Student Congress legislation for the December 7 FGCCFL All Events tournament at Newsome High School has been posted to the tournament’s Tabroom site. It may also be downloaded here:

Contestants are urged to begin their research NOW rather than waiting for chamber assignments.

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